Vacation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Flat/Condo for Rent
Looking to vacation in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland? Enjoy a flat located in the city center in one of Europe’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. Edinburgh sits at the gateway to the Scottish highlands, and the flat is located in the historic district known as the New Town just north of Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle.
The flat is available for short-term rental, and costs far less than similar accommodation in a hotel or bed and breakfast.
Edinburgh is an exciting city where you can visit the castle atop an ancient volcano, the Queen Mother’s palace, the medieval ‘Royal Mile’, Princes Street Gardens, the wonderful shopping district of Princes Street, the National Gallery of Art, and the numerous museums and sights to see. This flat is located a short 9-minute walk from Princes Street.
The flat was completely remodeled in 2008. It sleeps four comfortably, and has one pull-out sofabed. Best of all, unlike accommodation in hotels or B&Bs, you can enjoy being TOGETHER in a self-contained flat.
Edinburgh and the New Town (1750-1850)
In the early 1700s, overcrowding in the ancient “Old Town” and advances in technology led to the first planned city in the world. Sited to the north of the Royal Mile, New Town was the result. Construction began in approximately 1750 and continued for 100 years.

The buildings facades are limestone, and all streets were originally cobbled. Strong interest in preservation of the area led to the entire district being designated as “listed.” Property owners area under strict guidelines as to paint colors for doors and windows as well as interior modifications to homes and offices.

This flat is also sited close to the Stockbridge shopping area, with all amenities, including hairdressers. Many restaurants and ‘take out/takeaways’ are close by, and two major bus lines are a short street away in two directions.

Edinburgh, Scotland has the most ‘user friendly’ airport in the world. “Kneeling” buses to the city run at 10-minute intervals, and the fare is $10 round trip for the 30 minute journey. In the city, taxis abound, and buses offer 24 hour day passes for $5. Hotels run from $125 per night, so renting a flat for short-term stays makes economic sense. Come vacation with us in Edinburgh, Scotland.